5 Benefits Of Vinyl Floor Graphics

When it comes to signage for your business, don't forget to look down. Floor graphics are an excellent tool that you don't want to overlook.

1. Advertising

One of the primary benefits of floor graphics is low-cost advertising. Graphics can be used to grab attention at a display area so people pause and shop. You can include ads where people tend to congregate in the store, such as at checkout lines or even in restroom stalls. Even simple branded graphics with your logo on them will subtly increase brand awareness and benefit your business. 

2. Wayfinding

An important task for floor graphics is wayfinding. Wayfinding graphics can consist of simple arrows and signage pointing customers to check stands or certain departments, or they can use fun shapes to lead people to certain departments — such as dog footprints leading to the pet department. Although wall and ceiling wayfinding signs are helpful, floor graphics are often noticed more easily.

3. Merchandising

Floor graphics can be an excellent tool for cross-merchandising in your shop, without the need of setting up secondary product displays everywhere. For example, a simple graphic in front of the hot dog case stating "don't forget the buns, aisle 2" can aid customers in finding what they need and encourage additional purchases as they must now walk through the store to aisle 2. Merchandising floor graphics can also be used to draw the eye to a product, especially if they are in bright colors and placed on the floor near the product in question.

4. Styling

Another use for floor graphics is simple style. If you have dated or damaged flooring in your business, then floor graphics are an inexpensive way to refresh the flooring so it doesn't detract from your business. You can go with classic designs that mimic tile or wood, or you can have fun with the style. For example, in a surf shop, it can be eye-catching to have floor graphics that mimic the ocean floor, while in a corner grocery graphics that look like rolling farm fields can really pop. 

5. Maintaining Safety

Some graphics are primarily designed for safety. Consider those floor graphics used to encourage social distancing, for example, or the graphics installed along the edges of steps and curbs. Graphics can also be placed on the floor near items like fire exits and fire extinguishers — which is especially helpful as the smoke in a fire may leave only the floor visible. 

Contact a printing service to learn more about the vinyl floor graphic options that are available.