Three Numeral Designs On Barrel Head Clocks

When you shop for a barrel head clock that will add a rustic look to your home, you'll find that there are many of these products on the market. When you're evaluating the different options, one thing to do is consider the look of the numerals around the clock's perimeter. You'll see both conventional numbers and Roman numerals, but the manner in which the numerals are made can vary significantly between clocks. No one style is better than another—you simply want to think about what look you prefer, and then choose accordingly. Here are three numeral designs that you'll find.


A lot of barrel head clocks have their numbers painted on. This look can work well when you choose a clock that has other painted designs in the center. Many of these clocks feature painted wording and/or an image in the middle of the clock face, so having painted numerals will tie in well. The paint is generally dark in color—often black—so that it stands out well against the light brown wood of the barrel head. If you favor a different look, you'll occasionally find these clocks that have darker wood with white painted numerals.


There are also many barrel head clocks that have numerals that are burned into the wood. This design creates a highly rustic look that you may appreciate. Traditionally, some alcohol companies would burn their name or logo into the head of their barrels, so choosing a clock with burned-in numerals can feel historically accurate. The burned numerals are slightly indented into the surface of the wood, which can also add visual depth to the clock as it hangs on your wall.


If you want a different look, shop for a barrel head clock that has metal numerals. There are lots of examples of this design on the market. The individual numerals are cut out of metal and affixed around the surface of the clock—often with small nails that hold the numerals in place. The numerals may be painted a dark color or left to offer a metallic look. Often, the metal will be unpolished, which will give it a rustic style that matches well with the overall look of the clock.

View examples of each of these numeral designs and shop for the type of barrel head clock that will work well in your home by browsing on the internet. Contact a local clockmaker to learn more about stamp barrel head clocks