Tips For Taking Care Of Your Rare Coin Collection

As a coin collector, it is very important to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to take good care of all of the coins. To help make sure that you are doing this correctly, you might want to take a few moments of your time and check out the following tips.

Always Wear Gloves When Handling The Coins

While it is best to keep the coins in their storage cases or sleeves as much as possible, there may be a time where you need or want to remove them. The thing is though, you should never use your bare hands when touching the coins. Even if you properly washed and dried your hands, there are still natural oils that are secreted through your skin and those oils can quickly and easily destroy the finish on the coins. If that were to happen, the value of your coins would be dramatically reduced. Another thing to remember is that you will want to use dry cotton gloves. Refrain from using latex or plastic gloves because many of them can have powders on them that can damage the surface of the coin.

Handle The Coin By The Edges

Even when you are wearing the best gloves for the job, you are still going to need to be extra careful with where you touch the coin. You want to refrain from putting too much pressure or accidentally rubbing the face or back of the coin, as that can damage the surface. Instead, you will want to always hold it by the sides of the coin.

Have A Cotton Drop Cloth Under Your Hands

When you are handling your coins, you will want to do so over the top of a soft cotton towel or cloth. This way, should you accidentally drop the coin, it will be less likely to become damaged as it would if it were to hit the floor or a hard table.

Never Polish Your Coins

Do not make the mistake of thinking that by polishing your coins that you will make them look better and therefore, they will be worth more money. Generally, polishing the coins will reduce their value. It is much better to leave the coins as they are, as mint condition coins are worth the most money.

With all of those tips in mind, you should have no problem making sure that you are able to take proper care of your coin collection.