Great Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Love Model Trains

If you have someone in your life who loves model trains, make sure that you buy them a gift this holiday season that they will really enjoy and appreciate. Here are a few great holiday gift ideas for the person in your life who loves model trains. Some of these ideas will require no extra effort, and a few of these gift ideas will require you to find out a little more about your loved one's hobby. 

Railroad Cars

Model train parts are not inexpensive; it can take a lot of time and effort for a model train enthusiast to save up for, find and purchase all the cars that they want. Talk to your loved one about any railroad cars they have been wanting or wishing they could add to their collection.

Make sure you ask them or find out what scale their railroad is; you don't want to purchase a rail car that will not fit. You should also find out if they only purchase railroad cars exclusively from one manufacturer, or if they purchase cars from multiple manufacturers. Armed with this information, you should be able to find the railroad car they have been wishing for in a size they can use. 

Railway Buildings

You can also purchase a railway building for your loved one's model. Once again, talk to your loved one. Have them show you their train model. Ask what type of buildings they would love to add to their model, and start looking for the building they have been dreaming of.

Once again, make sure you know the scale they are using so that you purchase a building that will work with their model.

Model Railroad Guide

You could also purchase a model railroad planning guide for your loved one. There are many different guides available, so do your best to purchase one that matches your loved one's skill level and interest. 

For example, if your love one is just starting out, you can get them a beginner's guide to model trains or a beginner's guide to creating a model train set. If your loved one has been doing this for a while, a guide on different track layouts or how to expand upon an existing model may be more appropriate. Use your knowledge about their hobby to guide your gift choice.

Sound Effect CD

Most individuals who are into model railroad cars and sets want to try to create the entire experience with their sets, right down to the sound. You can purchase your loved one a CD that is filled with the sounds of classical steam engines from decades past. This gift could be a great complement to your loved one's train set. 

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